Medtronic Powered Surgical Solutions, market leader in powered surgical instruments and procedural solutions for bone dissection, and the Midas Rex® Institute, dedicated to providing skill-building workshops, proudly present the Midas Rex e-Institute. The e-Institute welcomes all healthcare professionals worldwide to explore interactive education on surgical anatomy, surgical procedures and technical instruction for the use of all Midas Rex products.

Specialty College - Features surgical specialty colleges for cranial procedures. Key surgeons and universities will present interactive education on surgical anatomy and surgical procedural lessons from their specialty.
e-Inservice Midas Rex Products -
Provides instructional and preventative maintenance manuals for use of all Medtronic Powered Surgical Solutions products. Download PDF’s and take the interactive test over each product’s care and maintenance and view instructional videos.
Hands-On Workshops - The Midas
Rex Institute provides workshops for hands-on exploration of all the products. A description of course content and available dates are provided as PDF downloads. Register online for ORP workshops.
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