Thank you for joining us for a study of the cranial anatomy regions of the skull base sponsored by Medtronic Midas Rex e-Institute. This series is designed to serve as a map to the skull base. It moves progressively through the cranial anatomy of the skull base from anterior to posterior and begins with a section on the anterior and middle cranial fossa. The anatomy in each section is viewed from two perspectives. The first is in views that best facilitates an understanding of the anatomy of the area. The second perspective is the anatomy as seen in the various operative approaches to the area.

All of the studies were done to help make my patient's surgery more accurate, gentle and safe, and my hope is that it will do the same for your patients. I am deeply appreciative of Medtronic Powered Surgical Solutions for making these works available in an excellent format. All of the bone dissections were done with Medtronic Midas Rex drills, which have elevated bone dissection to a new level of ease and precision that allows us to focus our efforts more intently on the surrounding vital neural and vascular structures.

Best wishes for a good and rewarding study.

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